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What is USB  ?
USB ( universal serial bus) is a standard for connectors, ports, and cables. Before USB there was almost different port or connector for different devices for example printer port, ps2 and many more. After development of USB almost all manufacturers around the world made their devices compatible with USB connectors.
Versions of USB
Basically there are three versions of USB are available.
USB 2.0
USB 3.0
usb logo
usb 3.0 logo
usb 2.0
usb 1
Commonly used USB symbol
Use of USB ?
Almost anything which is related to electronics can be connected with USB, Almost everything from a netbook to TV can be connected with USB, few examples are:-
Smart phones
Gaming consoles
Printers, scanners, copier
Digital still and video cameras
Computer accessories
Digital photo frames
Data storage devices
usb ports in laptop
printer usb port connector
television usb connector
usb led  light
usb flash drive
samsung phone usb port
playstation usb
desktop usb port
photo frame usb connector
(USB torch, fan, vacuum cleaner, wireless keyboard, mouse etc.)
Types of USB Cables ?
USB A-Type
usb cable
USB B-Type
printer cable connector
usb a type
Micro USB A-Type
Micro USB B-Type
micro usb b type for phones
mini usb b 5 pin
Mini USB-B
mini usb b 4 pins
Mini USB-B 4 Pin
There are many types of cable and connectors available in market, below are few commonly used types of USB cables and connectors:-
This is the most common type of USB connector, this side of connector is  to insert in hosts like PC. Never connect two  computers with same connector as it may harm your device.
This type of connector is mostly used to connect devices with computer, most common use of this connector is for printers.
This type of USB connectors comes in many smart phones, PDAs, digital cameras.
This type of USB connectors also comes in many smart phones, PDAs, digital cameras.
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This type of USB connectors also comes in many smart phones, PDAs, digital cameras, external hard drives etc.
This is on of the most smallest USB  connector. This type of USB connectors can be seen mostly id digital cameras.

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